About Us

It’s all about Love & Peace…. and outdoor educational tours… in Hawaii.



Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism and environmental preservation by providing an opportunity for visitors and island residents to collaborate and share Hawaii’s unique culture and the importance of the island’s natural resources. 

We hope our services will convey the value, importance, and uniqueness of the Hawaiian islands and its people, inspiring our guests to support Hawaii’s local community and preserve the island’s natural environment.

We encourage visitors to discover Hawaii directly from the local community and take the aloha spirit back with them in their hearts.



Our goal is to contribute to environmental protection and sustainable economic development by conducting community based tours on environmental education and the local culture.


Why We Started

Wildlife Hawaii started in 2011 because we believe Hawaii residents and visitors can collaborate to create a sustainable tourism industry.

Hawaii is a beautiful place. We find inspiration and calmness hiking the majestic forests and diving in its serene ocean. The history of Hawaii is to be remembered in full and told earnestly by the people who live here. Both nature and Hawaiian traditions should be shared, enjoyed, and preserved for everyone to experience the greatness of Hawaii.

We are continuously seeking activities which allow us to enjoy nature and experience the local community while honoring its delicate environment and preserving the Hawaiian culture. Please contact us if you would like to participate in sustainable tourism.


Meet the Crew

Tour Guide Masa

Masahito (Masa) Sasaki

Masa took a liking to new adventures from a young age. After graduating high school, Masa left home for the outback in Australia. Wanting to create a lasting memory, he bought a bike and rode across the continent. The journey alone was lonely and character changing. The beautiful, yet, unforgiving wild nature often tested his limits and the warm hearts of the kind people he met was unforgettable. After completing his travels in Australia, Masa went on to study urban planning in San Francisco, California. Masa saw that the people of San Francisco were very passionate about their ideologies and it was here that he learned that life was meant to be lived and enjoyed to its fullest. With the thought of one day starting his own business, Masa worked at a variety of jobs which included a private engineering firm, a university and an NGO. In graduate school, he studied sustainable tourism. In 2011, he started Wildlife Hawaii, a community based tourism company. He currently lives on Oahu, Hawaii and even to this day, he has a wondering spirit that enjoys exploration

Favorite phrase:   Love & Peace

Hobbies: Surfing, Hiking, Backpacking, Biking, Literature, Traveling

What do you like most about being a guide? I like meeting new people and informing them about Hawaii’s nature.


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