As a fist time visitor, having a custom tour was especially beneficial. Even though it was my first time travelling internationally, I was able to feel safe and have fun. It was relaxing eating at the beach. I'm going to make the sunset my screen saver on my computer. Seeing a turtle on the beach up close was beautiful. The night view was amazing, you can't see pretty lights like that in Tokyo. Even though we had very little time, there were many things we requested to see and eat. I’m very happy to have been able to see most of Hawaii’s famous landmarks during such a short trip. Thank you so much! I’m not able to sum up my vacation really well because everything left such a lasting impression on me. Being able to visit places that were on TV and in books, it was a vacation that we were able to enjoy to its fullest! Thank you very much!


I had a great time! The tour guide was a pleasure to have. I would definitely recommend Wildlife Hawaii to friends. The night view of Honolulu was beautiful. I enjoyed eating at the beach. The food was delicious. Thank you so much!


I recommend the Private Custom Tour! Watching the sunset at Sunset beach was extremely beautiful. I really liked the guide's suggestions and how they incorporated all the things we wanted to do. Wildlife Hawaii was very accommodating to our requests. By being picked-up at places other than our hotel, it allowed us to use our time efficiently.


Thanks to Wildlife Hawaii we were able to have a wonderful trip. It was really easy even though it was my first time to Hawaii and I didn't know anything about the place. Wildlife Hawaii picked us up and dropped us off and I was able to just ride and talk with my friends. Before you know it, we arrived at a new place. The guides were easy going and easy to talk to. It felt like we were all friends. Learning about Hawaii’s history and politics was educational. The night view was amazing, I've never seen anything like it before. It was fun eating Hawaiian food and visiting local shops, things we wouldn't have done on our own. Thanks to Wildlife Hawaii, we were able to eat all the foods we wanted to try, it was an excellent vacation! Thank you so much!


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